is a revolutionary user management solution for Ruby on Rails applications. is easy to integrate and maintain, and its unique features will change your life! is particularly relevant for demo apps since it provides the authentication capabilities you need in a minute – without preventing you from using another solution later.

Features Devise Sorcery
Manage all your applications from one place
Administration panel (limited)
Sign in as any user with one click
Pre-built sign-up and sign-in forms (unstyled)
Custom sign-up and sign-in forms (not fully documented) (based on generated files)
Authentication by password
Email confirmation
Reset password
Remember authentication
Track connections (mainly the last connection) (only the last connection)
Brute force protection

Easy integration and maintenance Devise Sorcery
Complicated configuration file No Yes Yes
Requires code generation No Yes A few
Requires migration and access to your database No Yes Yes
Adds behaviors to your User model No Yes Yes
Adds routes to your application A few Yes No